Open BIM Layout

Open BIM Layout
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“Open BIM Layout” is a free application designed to compose drawings with views and sections created from BIM models.

“Open BIM Layout” is integrated in the Open BIM workflow using the IFC standard.


"Open BIM Layout" is a free computer tool whose main objective is to generate views, and dimensions and provide the layout of technical drawings using BIM models (floors plans, elevations, sections and axonometric perspectives). The program is integrated in the Open BIM workflow, which allows users to import models located on the platform and be part of the collaborative, multidisciplinary and multi-user workflow provided by Open BIM technology.

The drawings that are generated by the program can be viewed on the platform by the authorized participants of the BIM project (specifically in the "Files" section of the project). This allows users to access all the information from any device and at any time.

Starting off

To start working with the program, users must connect the project they are going to start to an existing BIM project on the platform that contains a model with the geometry of the building (generated by CAD/BIM programs such as IFC Builder, Allplan, Archicad or Revit).


Create views

“Open BIM Layout” allows users to create plan views, elevations, sections and axonometric perspectives.

The program automatically generates the plan views and a 3D axonometric perspective when a project is started.

To create a new view, simply press the "Create view" button and choose the type of view. A message line appears at the bottom of the screen, indicating the steps to be taken to generate the view. For example, if you want to generate an elevation, you must first enter the line from which the elevation is to be projected and then its direction.

Edit a view

Each view of the project can be edited. In the edit panel of the view, users can:

  • Activate and deactivate the layers of the BIM model

  • Choose a scale and a resolution for the view

  • Position the elevation levels of each view and the section that is going to be represented on its drawing.

Add dimensions

As well as generating the views, the program also allows viewers to add dimensions to them. There are two types of dimensions in “Open BIM Layout”:

  • Aligned dimension
    Allows users to show the dimensions easily on a 2D drawing.

  • Oblique dimension
    Allows users to show the dimension in a specific direction. This is the best option for drawings in 3D.

The dimensions displayed can be edited and their text size changed, as well as the size and type of end.

The program also allows users to introduce text boxes to provide notes on the drawing.

Print drawings

Once the views have been generated, users can begin to lay out the drawings. Using the “Print drawings” button, users can select the views to be included in the printout and organise them accordingly.


Open BIM Layout. Operation


Open BIM workflow

“Open BIM Layout” is integrated in the Open BIM workflow using the IFC standard. The program currently exchanges the following information with the linked BIM project:

  • Imports

    • 3D view
      “Open BIM Layout” displays the 3D view of all the models that are imported during the connection to the BIM model.
    • Architectural model
      "Open BIM Layout" obtains the roofs, floor slabs and façades from the architectural model that includes the BIM project. These elements are shown in the 3D data introduction window (3D Interface).

  • Exports“Open BIM Layout” exports a file in IFC format that contains the drawings in image format.

More information

  • Program download

  • Available languages
    Catalan, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish

  • License requirements
    Free software

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